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Why to choose our plans

There are so many reasons to subscribe: you pay once – a very low price – and get access to a huge library of Muse tools; you can download new products and releases every month as soon as they’re online; you can rely on our support team for any issues and troubles. All of this for 12 months from the date of subscription. A whole year of Muse creative fun!

  1. Can I use the downloaded products after my subscription expires?

    Surely you can but keep in mind that you will no longer have access to new products, updates and support once your subscription is expired.

  2. Will my subscription renew automatically?

    No, it won’t. Your subscription expires after one year from the date of subscribing. We hope you’ll renew it to keep enjoying our products!

  3. Can I use your products on multiple websites?

    Of course you can! You can use our themes and widgets as well as our MusexPress CMS (and its plugins) to create many and many websites for both personal and commercial use. Remember, however, that resale or distribution of our products is strictly forbidden.

  4. Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

    Absolutely! You can change your plan to get the right one for you. It’s only $20 to move from the Starter to the Advanced plan and from the Advanced to the Rockstar plan;
    $40 to upgrade your Starter plan to the Rockstar. You can upgrade from here

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MusexPress CMS is FREE

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