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Overview Tawk.to

100% Free Live Chat!

With the Tawk.to widget you can easily embedd a live chat in your Muse website to provide customers immediate access to help. Live chat is an excellent tool for online customer support beacause it greatly reduces wait times and allow the customers to multi-task while waiting. Tawk.to is a very simple and complete online chat system that many great companies have chosen to improve their customers’ experience.  Use our widget to add it to your own site in a few minutes. You’ll get a fully customizable window that maximizes when clicking so to allow the customers to chat with the support team when it’s online. Besides colors and messages, you can easily customize size, position and language to better suit your site.


Things to know before installing

1- You need a Tawk.to account to get a site ID

2- You can change style and settings directly from Twak.to dashboard

3- This widgets allows you to embed a live chat system in your Muse site

Installation Instructions

After you download the file, look for “Musegain – Widget”.zip in your Downloads folder. Double click on the .zip file to decompress it. You will now have a folder named after the widget. Ideally you should move this to another place on your hard drive. Now follow the steps below.


1. Launch Muse if it is not already running.

2. Click the Import Muse Library button in the bottom left corner of the Library panel.

3. In the Import Library Items dialog box that appears, browse to select the .mulib file in your Downloads folder within a folder called after the widget or if you have moved this folder, either search for it or go to the place it was moved to, then click Open.

4. The imported folder (Musegain – Widget) appears in the Library panel, ready for use in the current file. Then drag/drop the widget to your project, set the options and enjoy!

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