Easy and fully customizable Data Table for Adobe Muse

Use this smart widget to build a dynamic table in minutes. Revise the data directly with Google Sheet, instantly!

Update your table visually with Google Sheets

Use a simple Google Sheet to create your table. You and your client will be able to edit it as many times as you want directly from the Google Sheet file (without even uploading the Muse project).


The Muse Table includes a dynamic and fully customizable search box to make the search for the table elements easier than ever.


Thanks to the sorting option you’ll be able to sort the results in ascending and descending mode with just one click. You can customize the sorting icon.


Choose the pagination you prefer for your table. You can set all the options you want to customize each single aspect of the table pagination


You can add a download button to enable the direct download of the data table from your site. Design the button style directly in Muse

Give your table the right style to match the look of your site

Add images, links and a download button to your table. You can change the font directly from the Muse text menu and customize each element of the table from the widget menu.

 Dark Sample

 White Sample

 Coloured Sample

 Muse Table Documentation

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