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Keep your text moving!

With hover text widget you can add text animation effects on hover



A... B... C...

Animation combined with font makes it very interesting to watch as words are very powerful. With the Hover text widget you can animate every sentence and word to see characters come to life when you hover on them! Choose infinite fonts and select the best colour to create a stylish design. You have 9 different animation effects that will make your design look attractive.


Customize all colors

+650 Google Fonts

Animation effects

Color is a language of its own. Choose the right text colour to grab visitors’ attention and bring about them a variety of emotions.

Choose the right font to give the text in your website its own personality, allowing people who read it to identify with it more effectively

9 text animation presets to easily add movement to your typography whilst saving time. Choose your favorite animation effect for your website

Text Hidden text #1 Hidden text #2
Text Text #1

Installation Instruction

After you download the file, look for “Musegain – Widget”.zip in your Downloads folder. Double click on the .zip file to decompress it. You will now have a folder named after the widget. Ideally you should move this to another place on your hard drive. Now follow the steps below.


1. Launch Muse if it is not already running.

2. Click the Import Muse Library button in the bottom left corner of the Library panel.

3. In the Import Library Items dialog box that appears, browse to select the .mulib file in your Downloads folder within a folder called after the widget or if you have moved this folder, either search for it or go to the place it was moved to, then click Open.

4. The imported folder (Musegain – Widget) appears in the Library panel, ready for use in the current file. Then drag/drop the widget to your project, set the options and enjoy!

5. To change the font size use the Muse Text menu.

6. To change the text style use the widget menu.

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