Find here a complete and simple documentation to understand how to setup and use the Absolute Muse Video Player widget. Watch the video tutorial at the end to have an overview of the main features and functionalities this awesome tool includes.

How to install the Video Player widget

1) Download the widget here

2) Unzip the file to get the .mulib file, the samples.muse file and a set of custom icons designed by

3) Install now the Video Player widget:

• Double click on the .mulib file

• Go to the Library Panel in Adobe Muse and open the folder called "Musegain - Absolute Muse - Video Player".

How to use the Video Player widget

You will find two widgets in the "Musegain - Absolute Muse Video Player" folder: the Video Player & the Video Player Optional Widgets. Drag&drop the Video Player widget onto the canvas to get a player ready to use, as in the image below.

As you can see in the next image each element in the player is fully customizable. You can decide to place the elements in the player as you wish to create the skin that best suites your needs. Note that this widget gives you a preset a play/pause button but you can choose to have two separate buttons as well (“play” and “pause”).

Go to the Video Player Optional Widgets .mulib file to find these optional widgets, the “play” and “pause” buttons. You will also find here the widgets to add the up&down volume buttons for a perfect configuration of your player.

You can choose to include .mp4, .ogv, .webm files to add videos to your site. You can also add a custom Video Poster and enable such Video settings as autoplay, loop and audio mute. Remember you need to enter a different Player ID for each video player you wanna add to your Muse project (do not to forget to assign the same player ID to all the elements composing that video player)

Select the Player ID and the Icon Types from the menu of the single elements of your Video Player.

You can choose preset or custom icons. Browse the huge FontAwesome and Ionicons libraries or design your own icons to use from the Custom Image option.

You can easily customize the Video Player from the Adobe Muse Text menu. You only need to select the widget on the canvas and set the size, the colour and the font (only for the counters) from the Text menu.

How to use the icons with the "State Button"

You can use the "State Button" widget from Adobe Muse to create different states for the different elements of your video player. From the object >widget menu, just drag onto the “State Button” area.

You can easily change the background color from the “Fill” menu.

You can set different states for each element that is within a state button.

Watch this overview tutorial for a complete overview on this widget