Give your audio player a unique style

Just sketch the audio player in your mind and you’ll be able to reproduce every single pixel on your Muse project! Place each element exactly where you want and choose the icons, fonts and colors that best fit your style.

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Single player, multi-player and dynamic playlist

Use the Absolute Muse Audio Player to design a simple audio player or an advanced player with a syncronized playlist that allows your visitors to select their favourite track from a custom list. You can add multiple players on each page. Take a look at our samples to discover more.


Moving elements

You can place the individual components of the player (play/pause button, volume bar, progress bar) exactly where you need.

Create your own style

Enjoy a total control over the look and feel of your audio player. You can design in Muse each part of the player separately and decide the features you wanna enable on your player.

Packaged players

You can start from one of our pre-styled themes to save time and create a professional and sophisticated audio player.

Album art

 When listening music from a playlist, the album art of the track which is currently playing will be automatically displayed on the audio player.


Create a playlist in almost no time and add infinite audio tracks to make sure your visitors always have the right music at their fingertips! You can design your playlist with or without a dynamic player.

Audio track info

Enrich the audio experience by adding information about the soundtracks directly to the audio player: you can have the audio title, author, duration and current time always displayed.

Easy to use

It only takes a little time to have the Absolute Muse Audio Player installed and working. Just drag and drop the widget onto the canvas and enjoy designing your audio player as you wish.

Custom icons

You can edit every element of your Audio Player and use Muse “state button” to create the buttons with different states.

Responsive ready

This is a fully responsive widget. You can decide whether to use a fluid responsive design or create different players for different breakpoints on your Muse project.

Audio Player documentation

Find here a complete and simple documentation to understand how to setup and use the Absolute Muse Audio Player widget. Watch the video tutorial at the end to have an overview of the main features and functionalities this awesome tool includes.

How it works


Absolute Muse

Audio Player

Design your player with absolute freedom!

Get absolute freedom while designing your Video Player with Adobe Muse. You can place every single element wherever you wish and create the style that’s perfect for your website. You can use two different icons libraries (FontAwesome o Ionicons) or use your own icons!

Design your player with absolute freedom!

5 different skins types for different styles and needs (included in the widget zip file). You can choose the one that best suites your Video Player and customize it to have a unique look and feel.