360° Viewer

A new cool way to show your products with Adobe Muse


Custom controller

As you can see from our samples you can customize the 360 Viewer controller as you want. You can change the color of each single part (pre-loader bar included) and choose the perfect size to use the widget for any kind of website

Sample 2

360° Viewer documentation

Find here a complete and simple documentation to understand how it is easy to setup and use the 360 Viewer widget.

How it works

360°... is cool!

A new simple and powerful way to show your products or images with Adobe Muse. With the 360 Viewer widget you can easily create a perfect 360° product viewer in a few clicks. You only need to create your image and set the frames numbers into the widget menu

Sample 1

360° Viewer

Easy to use

Create a 360 image (see the samples included in the widget packages) and insert the frames number into the widget menu

Fully customizable

Easily change every single color of the widget controller directly from the widget menu. You can also set the widget size

Responsive ready

This is a 100% responsive widget. You can decide whether to use a fluid responsive design or create different breakpoints




360° Viewer