Login and restricted area for your Muse site

With the Ultimate Member plugin users can easily register and become members, login from the front-end of your site. You can create a fully customizable user profile page, a member community and much more...


Enjoy an easy way to create front-end user registration. You can allow users to be auto-approved, require email activation or be manually approved by the admin. You can decide a person's status after registering on your site.


Allow your users can to login from the front-end of your site effortlessly. You can create login forms in almost no time and customize anything you need: change button text, hide the register button from login form, apply custom styling and much more.


Add beautiful user profiles to your Muse site and style them to fit your site look perfectly. The user profiles are fully customizable with the easy to use Muse tools.


Allow users to find each other with ease using the Ultimate Members "member directories" feature. Members can be ordered in various ways and you can change the style of your overview to match your branding.


You can create multiple user roles and give each role its own permissions and capabilities. If you have different user roles you can create a different page on your Muse site for each category.


Get a complete control over your site content: you can easily restrict access to your content to logged-in users only. Content restriction works with both the whole site and single pages/posts.


Get a wide range of form field types that will allow you to collect many useful data from users. You can create your form with one of the pre-styled fields that come automatically installed with the plugin to allow you to save time.


Ultimate Member provides customizable email templates for each email that can be sent to users after a certain event/trigger happens. The plugin provides extra flexibility by allowing you to activate/deactivate each email type from being sent to users.

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