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That’s real, it’s MusexPress

The first and mighty solution to match Adobe Muse with WordPress
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Cannot be easier

MusexPress requires no code skills, is easy to install and configure in Adobe Muse. Design every single part of your website in almost no time and manage it with incredible ease

Infinite solutions

No matter which type of website you need – be it a one page site, a portfolio, a blog or a store – choose MusexPress for multiporpose projects. No limits to your creativity

No monthly fee

MusexPress can be installed on your own hosting and needs no other web services to get going. You will keep your domain name and have no extra monthly-fee

Tons of third party plugins

The MusexPress CMS is compatible with ALL the third-party WordPress plugins. This means you can choose from the huge collection of tools that the Wordpress’ impressive community is building to meet the needs of the web designers.
You’ll seamlessly find what you’re looking for!

What you can do


Use our WooCommerce plugin to build a professional online store entirely in Muse

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Enjoy the most complete and customizable blog for Adobe Muse manageable with WP

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Dynamic Menu

Build a dynamic menu: Design it in Adobe Muse and manage with WordPress

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Dynamic Contents

Create dynamic contents in Muse and manage them from the admin panel

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Dynamic Search Box

Add a search box in your Muse site to improve your customers’ experience

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User Management

Work with an intuitive CMS to manage all registered users to your Muse website

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Always updated and secure

Don’t miss Wordpress bug fixes and features improvements.You can update your website when you want to get the most of the WordPress new releases and have no worries about your site security.

Why MusexPress?

Adobe Muse ensures limitless design freedom to give your site a unique style. WordPress allows to add content editing to your Muse site thus enabling users to make edits and revise contents by themselves. Why should you choose? Get them both with MusexPress!

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A good help for a perfect SEO

Don’t miss the way to boost your SEO rankings and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results. With MusexPress 3.0. you have friendly URLs for all the website pages (WooCommerce product pages and blog posts included).

Redesigned Widgets

We have rethought the MusexPress widgets to improve its usability. You can now find very intuitive and easy to use widgets that will allow a totally free design in Muse. You can now customize each part of your site as a separate object.

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Muse Booking is here!

Not just a scheduling tool, Muse Booking is the first and complete booking system for Muse.
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