Nice to have you back again

Download MusexPress CMS

Download MusexPress CMS and install it.

Please keep in mind that if you wanna use the new version, you need to update all of the MusexPress widgets in your Muse project (to the new version) to be sure that everything will work correctly on your site.

Pages 2.0 are now Boxes

With the new MusexPress version, the 3.0, the new Boxes plugin replaces the Pages plugin.

This change has been necessary to enable the WordPress native Pages that allow you to delete and rename the site pages in just a few clicks directly from the admin panel.

The Boxes Plugin works in the same way as Pages 2.0. Don’t worry if you used Pages before, you didn’t wasted your time because everything will keep on working.


Download Boxes

Download the Boxes plugin from MuseGain.comUnzip the file and you will find 2 different folders: Widget and Plugin. Go to the WordPress admin panel and click on the Plugins menu.

Click on the add new button and then upload plugin. Choose the plugin into the Plugin folder and click on the install now button. Once the installation is completed, activate the plugin.


Move old Pages to Boxes

Go to the Pages menu. Select the old Pages you created with the Pages 2.0 plugin and from the dropdown menu select “Move to Boxes”.

Click on Apply.


Change the widgets in Muse

Go to the Boxes folder we have downloaded before from and open the Widget folder. Double click on the mulib file and here we are in Adobe Muse.

From library panel go to the folder called “MusexPress – Boxes”.

Replace all the Pages widgets into your Muse project with the Boxes widget. Remember to use the same Website URL and Page slug as the old ones.


End of service for Adobe Muse (more details here)

Support provided by Adobe on Muse has been discontinued. For the same reason all the products on won't be supported anymore.
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