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How does it work?

It takes only a few seconds to become a Musegain Affiliate. Simply join here and you will be provided with a track-able link. Share this link on your website, blog, social media or through email. Our affiliate software will recognize that you sent traffic our way and you’ll earn 20% on any subscription purchase (coming through your website).


  • You get 20% commission for each subscription purchase you bring in
  • Commissions will be paid through PayPal to your PayPal account (so you need a Paypal account to become our affiliate)
  • You can easily check payment details from your affiliate dashboard
  • Commissions are paid monthly once your account has reached a minimum of $50.00. Commission amounts earned for less than $50 will remain pending until the full $50 minimum balance has been earned

Terms of Use

  • You can use our link in your blog, YouTube channel or social network but you must own the webspace where you place the link
  • We won’t pay Commissions for purchases made by the affiliate themselves and for the ones made through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and other paid promotional methods
  • Affiliates are not allowed to offer discounts on Musegain products and plans without our prior written approvation
  • It’s strictly forbidden to make purchases through spamming

Any violation of these terms will not be tolerated and the related commissions will not be paid.

Join us!
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