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It’s a fact that good search functionality means a more usable website and this means happier users. MusexPress Search Box greatly improves your website experience and completely changes finding the content that your visitors are looking for.


You need to download and install these plugins to use this product

MusexPress CMS

MusexPress is the first software to merge Adobe Muse and the Wordpress admin panel into one powerful tool.


Design your amazing Blog directly with Muse. Choose our simple widget to customize everything you need and use WordPress to manage the contents.

Search form
You can add a search box to every page of your website to improve the users' experience.

Search Results
When a search term or query is entered, it returns an ordered list of search results from which is easy to navigate to your destination.

Custom fonts
You can choose from hundreds of fonts to customize the text on your search button and the one that users are going to type when searching.

Custom colour
Pick the right colour to customize the search box and make it unique for your website.

Custom style
You can choose your favourite border for the search box and decide whether to use a word or an icon to display the search function.

Search Icon
You can change the search icon. Choose an image from your desktop and customize your search button with image or text.