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Responsive Slider

A responsive and full width slider to showcase your own images with simple elegance. It incorporates a clean caption system that allows to show your images and pictures with a description, a message or simply a thought. You can drop in up to ten images and choose the best colour and text for the caption. The slider navigation buttons are set within the frame of the slider so to create a very clean and elegant style. You can choose the best font among infinite ones and easily customize the caption area and the text.

100% Responsive
Our slider dynamically resizes to grant you the best displaying on different devices as pc, tablet, and mobile.

Google Fonts
You can choose the typeface that best fits your website among ton of fonts to create a unique design.

Infinite sliders
You can have more and more sliders on the same page. Add all the ones you need to showcase your images professionally.

Customize colors
You can easily customize the caption area and the text colour to use the branding hue within the website.

Full width
Use this amazing tool to incorporate a very attractive full width slideshow in your Muse project.

10 Images
You can display up to 10 images in each slider.

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