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Dedicated to the gluten-free products, Glutee is a fully responsive template that suits a broad range of businesses. The minimal and elegant design make Glutee a good choice for those who need powerful features with a clean style. It utilizes MusexPress 3.0 with many of its advanced tools: the login area allows to restrict pages and contents to logged in users. A pre-styled blog with posts categories and a commenting system lets you add many and many posts, allow the users’ interactivity and enable multiple authors. In our Glutee template you can also find a ready to use, professional e-commerce. You can build and customize the store in minutes to create a perfect style, yours. An advanced search bar allows users to select a search field and have the best navigation experience through your blog and e-commerce.

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T O T A L L Y   F R E E   F O R   O U R   M E M B E R S

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