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The Dynamic Menu is a powerful plugin that gives users the first and real dynamic menu for Muse. You can design your menu in Muse and manage it from the MusexPress admin panel. That’s not all. With the Dynamic Menu you can choose between two different ways to build your menu: an animated menu with 5 different animation effects or a vertical version that can be also used in combination with our Absolute Muse Menu.

Design with Muse
Use the Muse tools you love to design a very professional and stylish menu. Just drag and drop the menu widget into the canvas, and customize all the elements you want.

Manage with panel
You can easily manage your menu from the MusexPress admin panel. Add or remove some links from the menu whenever you need in a few clicks.

Fully Customizable
You can customize colors and style of your menu to arrange it exactly as you wish and enhance your project with a sophisticated design.

Unlimited Fonts
Choose all the Muse fonts for your dynamic menu. Just go to the Muse text menu and select your favourite typeface from Adobe Typekit.

Links & Sub-menu items
You can insert up to three sub-levels for each menu link and add infinite sub-menu items for each level.

Use with our best menu
This menu is compatible with our Absolute Muse Menu that gives you a complete design freedom.

Easy installation
It takes only a few clicks to have the menu ready to work. The installation process is very simple and immediate.

Fully Responsive
This menu is responsive ready to grant you the best displaying on different devices as pc, tablet, and mobile.

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Product Details
Release date: 2017-01-16
Last updated:2017-01-16
Current version: 1.0.0
File format: .zip, .mulib

Copyright 2017


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