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Clinic is a professional and clean-cut theme well suited for any type of health related websites.

Designed with a multipurpose layout, this theme helps you craft a feature-rich website easy to adapt to any medical and health topic (great for pharmaceutical, veterinarians, laboratories, and more). Clinic provides a booking system to let clients reserve appointments and book services in just a few clicks. A very useful search box will give them any information and services at their fingertops. With Clinic you will get many pages to set up healthcare options, galleries, useful videos and a blog. Everything thought out for clients comfort.

This theme is fully responsive and customizable to suit your precise branding needs in a matter of minutes.


You need to download and install these plugins to use this product

MusexPress CMS

MusexPress is the first software to merge Adobe Muse and the Wordpress admin panel into one powerful tool.

Blog PRO

Design your amazing Blog directly with Muse. Choose our simple widget to customize everything you need and use WordPress to manage the contents.

WooCommerce for Muse

The world's favorite standalone e-Commerce solution fully compatible with Muse!A simple, neat, and user-friendly toolkit that allows you to sell anything at all.

WooCommerce Sidebar

Thought for stores built with Woocommerce, this flexible sidebar lets you easily add a widget area to enable all the features of your store

Muse Booking

Not just a scheduling tool, Muse Booking is the first and complete booking system for Adobe Muse.


Managing contents in your Muse website has never been so easy. With the Boxes plugin you can add dynamic contents into your Muse project.

Ultimate Member for Muse

Create a Restricted Area with Muse and manage your subscribers with WordPress.

Widgets included:

- MusexPress CMS

- Muse Booking

- Login Area

- Boxes

- Blog

- WooCommerce

- WooCommerce Sidebar

- Search box

- Absolute Muse Preloader

- Absolute Muse Notification

- Absolute Muse Video Player


End of service for Adobe Muse (more details here)

Support provided by Adobe on Muse has been discontinued. For the same reason all the products on won't be supported anymore.
If you're looking for Adobe Muse alternative, discover to create your next web project in Webflow. We'd be happy to give a 40% welcome coupon on the Udesly All Access plan (MuseGain active members only).