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Managing contents in your Muse website has never been so easy. With the Boxes plugin you can add dynamic contents into your Muse project and revise them directly from the WordPress admin panel. Easy to install and use, it’s a great option to allow users to make edits and revise contents on their own, without requiring your help.


You need to download and install these plugins to use this product

MusexPress CMS

MusexPress is the first software to merge Adobe Muse and the Wordpress admin panel into one powerful tool.

 Text & Images
You can add a very simple content editing system to your Muse site. Create infinite text boxes and upload images from the admin panel and have them delivered to the Muse project. Revise any content directly from the WordPress admin panel.

 Fully dynamic gallery
Get the ability to create a gallery that’s fully customizable with Adobe Muse and totally manageable with the WordPress admin panel. For the first time you will have a completely dynamic gallery on a Muse built website!

 Audio & Video (Player & Playlist)
Design a fully customizable audio/video player with Adobe Muse (even a playlist) and manage it from the Wordpress admin panel. Edit each element in the player directly from the admin panel without having to open your Muse project.


End of service for Adobe Muse (more details here)

Support provided by Adobe on Muse has been discontinued. For the same reason all the products on won't be supported anymore.
If you're looking for Adobe Muse alternative, discover to create your next web project in Webflow. We'd be happy to give a 40% welcome coupon on the Udesly All Access plan (MuseGain active members only).