Blog 2.0.4

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Design your amazing Blog directly with Muse. Choose our simple widget to customize everything you need and use WordPress to manage posts, media, content, authors, categories, tags and more. Easy, isn’t it?

Fully Customizable
Design your Blog directly with Adobe Muse and customize everything to create the perfect design. Manage all the blog’s elements without restrictions and have them fully compatible with responsive website.

Adding all media
Create your post directly with MusexPress admin panel in a dynamic way. Add text, image, video and more and manage them easily with a complete text editor and a media gallery inside MusexPress.

Commenting System
Let users comment on your posts. With MusexPress you can moderate comments auotmatically and allow users’ interaction on your blog.

Custom Tags
Add multiple tags to your post to drive more traffic to your blog and increase SEO rankings.

SEO Friendly
MusexPress Blog is SEO friendly. Each post, category, tag and author has different URL. Your users can share the posts and search engine can index the entire blog.

Schedule post
You can easily plan timing of your future posts by scheduling them. Just select the future date/time you’d like the post to publish and it will automatically go live at that date. All the work is done in a few clicks!

Multiple Authors
Inviting other bloggers and writers to become co-authors is one great way to expand one’s blog. We allow you to administrate your fellow authors the way you prefer with a very simple interface.

Personal Hosting
You can use any hosting provider to publish your blog. You don’t need to pay third party services or month fee to upload your blog.

Powered by WordPress
Reliable, easy and secure, a complete solution for blogging system. Manage your posts and content also on mobile.

2.0.4 – “Read more” text button general improvements
2.0.3 – Added text box to “Read More” button for translation
2.0.2 – Added H1 tag to Post Title, fixed static label translation
2.0.1 – Fixed the warning message bug while using the blog grid widgets
2.0.0 – Initial release

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Release date: 2016-10-22
Last updated:2016-12-05
Current version: 2.0.4
File format: .zip, .mulib
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