Nice to have you back again

With Animate SVG you can create awesome SVG animations in Adobe Muse with just 1 click!

Animation "when visible"
You can start the animation once the SVG appears in the viewport or when the page is loaded. Choose one from 3 different animation effects for your SVG image (Delayed, Synchronized and One by One). The animation always draws elements in the same order as they are defined in the SVG.

Animation "on hover"
You can make your animation start on the hover over one element on your Muse project (rectangle, images, text...). It’s very simple: just add a Graphic Style to the element you created and check the option "on trigger action -mouseover". You can also decide not to reveal the SVG draw before the animation starts.

Animation "on click"
This animation starts by clicking one element on your Muse project (rectangle, images, text...). Just choose the drawing you wanna animate, add a Graphic Style and set the option "on trigger action -click". You can hide the SVG drawing before animation starts to surprise your users.


End of service for Adobe Muse (more details here)

Support provided by Adobe on Muse has been discontinued. For the same reason all the products on won't be supported anymore.
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