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Absolute Muse Preloader

With the Absolute Muse Preloader you can design an attractive preloader to distract visitors and ensure they don’t get bored while waiting for the site to load. Entirely built in Muse, this fully responsive widget allows you to add a highly stylable preloader to your Muse site in almost no time. You only need to drag and drop the object you want into the preloader container: loading bars (line, circle, semicirle), counters, Gif images and text boxes. With the Absolute Preloader you can also create an animated SVG loader: design your own SVG, drag & drop it into the preloader container and the work is done! Use the Muse native widgets to customize the style, size, color and font and place your preloader wherever you need on the page.

  • August 31, 2017


    Fixed incompatibility issues with the latest Muse version

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