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Absolute Muse Notification

Notification boxes are a great way to visually attract the viewer and display content on your site. The Absolute Muse Notification is the only solution to get 4 different notification tools in one: Info Bar, Modal Pop-up, Slide-in box and Toast notification. As its name suggests, the Absolute Muse Notification widgets comes from our “Absolute” series which means that you will have really no limits to make creative notification styles. All of the notifications tools are entirely built with Muse native objects to give you the ability to design your notification bar/box from scratch and place it wherever you want in your page. 

Created with Muse

The notification tools are entirely created with Muse native tools to give you a limtless design freedom.

70+ animation effects

You can choose from dozens of anymation types for the opening and closing actions of your notification box/bar.

Pre-set Templates

We have created one ready to use template for each notification type

Easy to use

Simply drag & drop the Absolute Muse Navigation widget into the canvas and customize the style and the animation effects.

Infinite positions

You can place the notification box wherever you want on your Muse page.

Absolute timing control

You can make the notification appear as soon as visitors come to your site (or are about to leave it), after a set time, a specific action or a scrolling percentage. The auto-delay option allows you to limit the number of times the notification box appears to the same user (to have it less annoying).

Fluid Responsive

The notifications are fluid responsive to fit your design perfectly on all devices.

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