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MusexPress is a powerful tool that allows you to design your website with Muse and manage contents with the WordPress admin panel. Thanks to Musexpress you can now embed a Restricted Area, a complete Blog and a live Search in your Muse project and handle everything from the admin panel. MusexPress is the first real CMS for Adobe Muse. Our team is at work creating many exciting new functions to make Muse even more complete and dynamic.



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Muse Widgets

Our widgets help you make better websites. Dozens of unique widgets from our library are perfectly tailored to suit all your design needs. From Animation to SEO our products cover all the elements that Adobe Muse needs to become the perfect tool for web designers.

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Muse Themes

Check out our templates and save time on your web design. MuseGain brings you beautiful templates that you can use for you projects. Our templates are all MuseGain widget friendly and work best with our other products.

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Our Audio files are perfect for any project you have in mind. We can make soundtracks, stings, jingles and all kind of sound fx. You can use audio with our Muse widgets or whatever you need (Video promo, website presentations, logo intro…).

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Year Subscription ($69)

Over 150 Adobe Muse Widgets & Themes plus everything else that we release for an entire year! Get 100% instant access to all of our products and priority support for only $69. Take your Adobe Muse experience to a whole new level with

Adobe Muse & WordPress

Use MusexPress CMS to create a website with Adobe Muse and manage it with WordPress... it's FREE for members!